As I sit here by this fire

Crackling as it does

I remember lively conversations that we once shared

Me listening to the funny words

You used to bellow out

As you spoke of the goat man who walked your woods

Your intense eyes shined in the firelight

All that life and inner power

Emanated from your kind, round face

I recall that your days were often hard

Full of cold fear, and real pain

But I knew that your bonfire would set things right

As the old wood turned ashy white

We would throw our empty bottles into the flames

And watch the glass slowly melt, as we sung along to the radio

The tightness from my travels

Would unwind itself from my back and shoulders

And the vitality of your simple life would ring true in my heart

And as the flames died down

I savored my memories of the day we shared

Pleased with the outcome, and wishing that it never had to end