Ryan Irish

currently enjoys life in the sunny south in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Teresa, and their dog Joey; but his roots are in the Northeast, growing up in Connecticut and living 12 years in New York City.

Ryan creates art made from found wood and discarded materials. He feels strongly that his purpose is to toil with tool and brush, battling to get what’s inside, out. Visions of his future works come to him long before they take physical form, and he labors to breathe life into these fleeting images.

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A Brian McDonald - Brian is a fiction writer as well as an artist.  A narrative element underlies his beautifully crafted cut paper pieces.  The expressions and body language of his characters, his carefully chosen settings and props, and sophisticated colors add richness to his work.

Methos E. Fernandez - An NYC based artist and illustrator specializing in buxom pinups, cartoons, and super hero art.  Private Instagram, so send a request.

Bullettrun - Nadia Lesy focuses on parkour and dance videography.  She is responsible for bringing many talented performers into the spotlight, both onscreen and on the stage.  She is the mastermind behind some of the largest parkour and freerunning performances ever performed in New York City.

Cupcake Wishes - Keisha (Kiki) Sibert has a knack for paper-craft, which she has turned into a wonderful party supply business.  Her color palettes are tasteful even when they are day glo.  I especially love her Turtle Power party kit.  I want to be eight years old again.

The Dan and Steve Show - Ian, Chris, and friends will make you laugh, and then ask you to think.  The wonderful photo-comic presentation and obvious camaraderie among the artists makes The Dan and Steve show special.

Distilled Minds Studios - Christopher Scalzi has the eye of a fashion stylist and the mind of a computer wiz.  He is a visual-narrative artist.  Just one of his photos or videos will say volumes about his beautiful work.

Lucky Hoops - Hooping is one of the flow art.  My sister Amy is the artist with the flow.  She entertains, trains, and sustains with her fitness skills, which include yoga and personal training as well.

The Movement Creative - Jesse is the kind of person who changes people lives through his focused and naturalistic approach to fitness.  He and his talented friends have a sound philosophy based on years of thoughtful and safe parkour training.  His team focuses on unlocking the full potential of the human body, showing us that to be strong is to be useful, happy, and well rounded.

Noel Hefele - Noel loves to paint.  This fact is very clear as you dive into his vast body of beautiful canvases.  Noel takes photos everywhere he goes, absorbing the world around him.  His brushes and palette knives translate these images into paintings that feature vivid color and delightful texture.

Sara Abalan - Sara approaches drawing and painting with equal joy.  Her colors and line quality speak to someone who might revel in cooking or gardening, in that her tones feel light and crisp and her lines are natural and relaxed.  Sara creates amazing abstract paintings but is equally adept at bringing a tiny drawing to life.

WINDOW - When you look out your window, what do you see?  What do you think and feel in that moment?  Jonathan Jeffries began this blog in the spirit of personal growth, but his reliable and inspirational words and skylines have helped me see the world in a different light.

Yan Grinshtein - Yan is both a photographer and a graphic designer.  He takes careful pride in his work and seems to sharpening and polish his creations to near perfection.  His portraits are extremely moving, and his photos of life in Israel are some of the best around.

Andrew Obenreder Photography - Andrews approach to photography and film making appear to be directly influenced by the adventurous life he leads.  His work has a weightiness and grandeur that celebrates the world and the people that inhabit it.